Social Distancing ~ Lesson Plan #4 ~ Named Obstacle Discrimination

Social Distancing ~ Lesson Plan #4 ~ Named Obstacle Discrimination Go to Source This is a lesson plan that ideally requires an A-frame (or dogwalk) and a pipe tunnel. But, don’t you know, if you have a small space and not a lot of big agility equipment, the basics of the training can be satisfied with a box with the ends knocked out (as a substitute for the tunnel)… and a board on brick (as a substitute for a contact obstacle. I published much of this lesson plan less than a year ago. But then… a year ago most people weren’t confined to home with the prospect of or the ambition for actually doing homework. This is the Named Obstacle Discrimination. The basic idea

Social Distancing ~ Lesson Plan #3 ~ The Back Pass

Social Distancing ~ Lesson Plan #3 ~ The Back Pass Go to Source This is a lesson plan that requires not much space and no agility equipment, and yet will allow you to teach your dog a valuable skill. This is the Back Pass. Teaching the Back Pass I have tried here to arrange below recordings I have done while teaching the Back Pass to my dogs. These should that demonstrate the simple praise and reward methodology. I refrain, as much as possible from editing out small failures because, in real life, small failures are a part of the training adventure. I’m hoping that you will appreciate pictures, and I will spare you the theory and lecture.   CedarComeByIntro   CedarComeBContinued   Prim Back Pass:   PhoenixBackPass.wvm   Back Pass in Competition; squaring to the weave

Social Distancing ~ Lesson Plan #2

Social Distancing ~ Lesson Plan #2 Go to Source We all hunker down, as the crest of the coronavirus pandemic wave crashes inexorably towards us. It’s difficult to feel normal while the world about us is not. That being said… I would like to give some dog-training direction to my own students and anyone else who might want to follow along with exercises that can be accomplished in the back yard. Precautions I invite my own students to come out to use the training building. On a regular basis through the week I have taken to sanitizing surfaces, door handles, jump bars, and the toilet. A reasonable precaution for the dog trainer to take would be to show up with protective gloves which can be discarded

Social Distancing ~ Lesson Plan #1

Social Distancing ~ Lesson Plan #1 Go to Source Our Training center will immediately suspend group classes to protect us from the coronavirus pandemic. However, our current students are welcome to come out and train their dogs. I have drawn a lesson plan for individual practice, which I will present below. Precautions On a regular basis through the week we will sanitize surfaces, door handles, jump bars, and the toilet. The Lesson Plan This week we are running the National Dog Agility League 36×85 Fast & Fun course. The floor has been set and the sequence numbered. Note that the lesson plan allows for practice of elements of the course. I will be available to record league runs for upload to YouTube so long as I’ve been


DONALD TRUMP WILL SAVE THE WORLD! Go to Source Aldous Huxley spoke of the dangers and pressures of population growth. You can find an interview with Mike Wallace (circa 1958) here: Huxley/Wallace Interview Huxley makes the point that between the time of the birth of Christ and the landing of the Mayflower the population of the earth doubled. It rose from about 250 million to 500 million. He warned that the rate of doubling population has increased at an alarming and unsustainable pace. When Huxley conducted this interview with Mike Wallace the population had risen to 2 billion. Alarming! Right? I was five years old at the time of the Huxley interview. Today the population of the earth is roughly 8 billion. This means that in

Education of an Activist

Education of an Activist Go to Source American documentary filmmaker and author Michael Moore suggested that a key to making our democracy vibrant and returning our government to the people might be to put initiatives on the ballot that would inspire a lot of people to come out to vote who might not otherwise have bothered. My impulsive nature had me leap into the fray, creating an organization called Make a Difference (MAD) Ohio; whereupon I immediately created two Go Fund Me projects. I learned a great deal about what it takes to put an initiative for constitutional amendment on the ballot in the State of Ohio. You can see some of those details here: I shared a link to the blog on several Facebook

Make A Difference (MAD) Ohio

Make A Difference (MAD) Ohio Go to Source I expect I should keep this off my blog page… I apologize to my Republican friends. You probably don’t appreciate that I’m trying to save you (as well as myself) from a terrible fate. * * * Go Fund Me I will share the videos I’ve made, and share them NOWHERE but here. These projects need young firebrands who are a lot smarter and a lot prettier than me. But I wanted the opportunity to tell it in my unabashed and unpolished voice. PLEASE share the GoFundMe links below… even if you’re a cheap Scott and won’t scrape up a dollar to save democracy from encroaching fascism… sharing the link might find us a wealthy donor who understands

Blind Tunnel Approaches

Blind Tunnel Approaches Go to Source I’m having a good time playing with my dogs in the National Dog Agility League (NDAL). It gets me out on course every week running a handful of dogs, and has done so for about eight years now. One of the really cool things that the NDAL does is include a link to a YouTube recording of each dog’s run in the results. This is something that helps with my own students. While I see a great deal in real time… having the recording makes every observation indisputable. So it’s a teaching tool for me, and a learning tool for my few students. I find that I also have an opportunity to learn. Seeing how other handlers in

Send Around the Barrel

Send Around the Barrel Go to Source We have a new young dog in our house, a rescue Aussie that we’ve named Marty McFly. I’ve been working on a catalog of YouTube videos that I intend to use to update the Joker’s Notebook foundation issue. One of the exercises I’ve overlooked, in terms of video documentation, is the “Send Around the Barrel” exercise. This is actually the very first thing I teach a young dog. And so, having a new dog in the house allows me to capture the painful first steps of the training. Too often a novice dog trainer will give up the ambition to teach a dog a thing because success doesn’t just leap up out of the dog. It’s work. And,

Fare Thee Well Jane McManus

Fare Thee Well Jane McManus Go to Source Jane McManus has retired! And we wish her all the best. One of the unsung heroes of dog agility, Jane belongs to a generation of pioneers who followed a passion for training dogs and playing at agility. She provided a place to play for her community. Last century, Jane established Pine Meadows, an agility training center in South Boardman, Michigan. Pine Meadows became a dog agility community center in a small town far north and away from the world. Pine Meadows was a Teacup Dogs Agility Association member club. Jane built her club and a strong Teacup community supporting her students, creating training classes specifically for her teacup enthusiasts. She trained up judges and sponsored competition.