The Murder of a Beautiful Theory by a Gang of Brutal Facts

The Murder of a Beautiful Theory by a Gang of Brutal Facts Go to Source Donald Trump will win the 2020 election for President of the United States. While the Blue Wave carried the House of Representatives to Democratic control, it is an emasculated legislative body. And the Blue Wave is an imperfect harbinger of prospects for the 2020 election. Republican voters fit onto their heads a MAGA hat in spirit of their cherished tribe and union sacrée as a gesture of optimism, and hope for reaffirmed destiny. But they have been fooled into supporting those who most deeply betray them. I don’t presume to blame it all on the Republicans who have been the chief sponsors of policy that screws the average

A Moment in Amber

A Moment in Amber Go to Source The National Dog Agility League is an ongoing project and passion for me these days. I want to pause a moment and share a bit of a vision statement. A one-dimensional view of the NDAL is our ongoing league play. Each month we have a couple dozen clubs, mostly in North America, that engage in four separate competitions. The courses are closely nested so a club can compete in more than one without a lot of equipment movement. Results for these competitions are all rolled up together as a single competition. Most of these results are graced with a link to a YouTube recording so that we can all watch how other dogs and handlers solved

Snooklers :: Games of the 2019 Petit Prix

Snooklers :: Games of the 2019 Petit Prix Go to Source Designing a Snooklers course can be a challenge to the course designer. A Snooker course is bad enough. But in Snooklers rather than using red hurdles the designer will use distance challenge: [ergo Snooker/Gamblers, or Snooklers.] These distance challenges should be modest in nature. A tough distance challenge might skunk half the class in USDAA’s Gamblers or in the AKC’s FAST class… and so we should NOT have three distance challenges, each of which invite the proverbial skunk. I’ll share with you a sample design for this class. I’m assuming TDAA equipment and spacing, on a field that measures 60′ by 70′. What strikes me immediately about this class is that the designer and

A Quick Lesson in Fast Dog Handling

A Quick Lesson in Fast Dog Handling Go to Source This is a JWW run taken by Laurie Moe and Cleo. Cleo JWW She started the run with an awesome dead-away send down a straight line of jumps into a pipe tunnel. This was right out of the homework we did for a distance seminar a few months ago. Laurie’s solution for #9 to #12 was to do a layered Front Cross on the landing side of jump #10. Unfortunately, Cleo didn’t “feel” the line, and curled back to the handler’s position after jump #11, surely earning a refusal at jump #12. Indeed, Cleo ran past the true turning point for a square approach to jump #10, and somewhat spoiled the straight-line send. Sometimes the shape of

54X70 Charitable ~ November 2018

54X70 Charitable ~ November 2018 Go to Source Our mission is to donate to non-profit organizations that provide relief from disasters that arise from a changing global climate. To that end, all income from recording fees go to charitable donation. Of special interest are organizations aiding people, domestic and farm animals, and wildlife that are affected by flooding, fires, hurricanes and rising sea levels. You can review the Charitable league rules and stipulations here: 54X70 Charitable ~ November 2018 The 54X70 Charitable League is dedicated to a variety of agility games. You can download the scorekeeping worksheet here: If you already registered with the NDAL, the League Secretary wil be happy to provide you with the scorekeeping worksheet set up with your existing roster. The 55×70 Charitable

Your Vote Counts

Your Vote Counts Go to Source Michael Moore spoke on television the other night. What he said chilled me. He said, there’s no certainty that we will have a democracy two years from now. Moore, I’ll remind you, predicted that Donald Trump would be elected, back in 2016. So, quite a bit is at stake. We know that if Republicans win there will be no infrastructure spending. And I don’t mean just roads and bridges… we should include the sewer systems and water systems, electrical… everything. We know that if Republicans win affordable health care is gone. There won’t be price controls; and forget it if you have pre-existing conditions. Medicare and Medicaid will go away. Women dying from back alley abortions will be a

NDAL Introduces the 54×70 Charitable

NDAL Introduces the 54×70 Charitable Go to Source This is a cross-posted blog. When I write the official blog for the NDAL I’ll take out this giddy front-matter. I want the followers of my blog to understand how excited I am to be involved in establishing a league that raises funds for charitable donation. Last year we donated league income to hurricane Harvey relief and then along came Maria; and this year we have Florence. All of them have been terrible. And of course I worry after the dogs (and wildlife, frankly) that fall victim to these disasters; and want to support first responder organizations. We live in wicked times and the world is paying for the consequence of global warming. For the most

The Agility Community

The Agility Community Go to Source Today we’re preparing to host the 2018 Petit Prix, which is the national championship event of the Teacup Dogs Agility Association. This is my favorite agility competition each year, by far. The Petit Prix is never really a huge event numbers-wise. Taken on balance it’s about the size of your average neighborhood agility trial, and certainly nowhere near the maddeningly huge national events hosted by the big agility organizations in America. We’re past the closing date, and I have nothing to sell. But, I have something to say that has been gnawing at me for a time. Pioneers and Champions Participation in dog agility isn’t really growing in this country. Indeed, it is modestly shrinking just about everywhere. It’s all

Call To and Around-The-Clock

Call To and Around-The-Clock Go to Source It has been a very busy month for me. So the homework I had intended for a seminar at In Contact next month hasn’t been coming along at a furious pace. That’s fine, I’m sure. It’s always hard to cram two years of dog training into a couple short months. Sub-title: Dog Training 101 ~ part 3 Today I made a recording for the In Contact students… and put it on YouTube. I had to… after all, in a moment of Zen… I share the Secret of Dog Training, for the first time, ever. The objective of this exercise is to practice equipment (especially the technical equipment) with the dog coming toward your position. I showed this exercise

Dog Training 101 ~ part 2

Dog Training 101 ~ part 2 Go to Source I was tickled to see that several of the seminar participants for my up & coming at In Contact had a training evening for the Back Pass. I received an email with .MOV (movie) files of these students teaching their dogs this skill. I don’t really have permission to publish them in my blog. But, a couple observations: Reward the dog immediately as he comes around Begin fading the hand and arm signal, reducing it to a verbal command. That is not to say that you won’t use the hand and arm signal; but you want the verbal to entice the dog immediately into handler focus. I want to share a couple of my