League Course & Training Sets Nov 9 2020

League Course & Training Sets Nov 9 2020 Go to Source The floor is set for the November 2020 NDAL 60×90 Masters course. Note that the placment of the camera is dictated on the course map. This vantage does not provide a good view of the A-frame down contact. You may, if you like, practice elements of the course before the official running. It is a better idea to run the course before exhausting the dog on training sequences. Some dogs take repetition as correction. On the following pages are several training sequence that have little to do with the Masters course, but promise to give you practice in a well-rounded repertoire of agility skills. Coaching by Video Review Kindly record and upload your running of

Open Letter to Bill Johnson, Ohio District 6 House

Open Letter to Bill Johnson, Ohio District 6 House Go to Source Mr. Johnson, I phoned your office at the end of August to express my concern with the deliberate sabotage of the U.S. Postal Service to influence the outcome of the national election that is underway. I have included below your entire response. This response is a political spin calculated to blow smoke up my ass. I’ve done a bit of research, which is a thing that engaged citizens will do. I will include a short table of citations after your correspondence. We have a pandemic raging across our country that has killed nearly 1/4 million of my fellow citizens. Yesterday there were 77,000 new cases of COVID19 reported in this country. My wife