Jokers Notebook ~ Module #26

Jokers Notebook ~ Module #26 Go to Source This is the training plan for the 26th week of the Jokers Training Program. This is a loaded training week; and it might take you more than a week to work through all the progressions. We will focus on lateral distance exercises, with discussions of the Accelerating Step and Triangular Pressure. These exercises were based on an NDAL game from April of 2017. The course map—at the end of this document—will help you set equipment for this week’s exercises. Accelerating Step An “Accelerating Step” defined in simple terms is a fast step the handler takes just as the dog is passing. The step is intended to goose the dog forward. This is a simple enough exercise. We are basically

Houston’s Tagalong Hickory 021209 ~ 120421

Houston’s Tagalong Hickory 021209 ~ 120421 Go to Source I lost my boy Kory a couple days ago. He had a terrible seizure and didn’t much recover. We took him to the vet, who graciously came to meet us on a Saturday evening, after regular hours. And we had him put down. Right now I’m feeling very raw. He was my dearest companion for so many years. He was my fishing buddy and agility partner. And he taught me a lot. I had been watching Kory in his decline. In many ways we’ve been saying goodbye for a while. Still, there is a suddenness to it that is jarring and for which you can’t ever really prepare. My agility friends and dog lovers understand