PVC Moveable Ring Dividers/Gates/Fencing

PVC Moveable Ring Dividers/Gates/Fencing Go to Source My backyard turns to a muddy mess in the Spring and Fall so I’m converting a section of it to playground mulch where I can train and play with my dogs when it’s muddy out, hopefully, reducing wear and tear on my yard. So I wanted to have a moveable fence I could use to keep the dogs in that area. I measured some PVC gates at local agility facilities and came up with a simple design that minimizes the number of pieces of PVC, fittings and saw cuts.

Use Sight Lines to Accurately Setup/Build Agility Courses

Use Sight Lines to Accurately Setup/Build Agility Courses Go to Source The "baseline" method of course building (Daisy Peel how to video, 2004 Clean Run article by Dave Hanson) is the most accurate way to set up agility equipment to match the designer/judges design. In a nutshell, you layout a long measuring tape down the middle of the course. For each obstacle you find it's location along the tape and then use a measuring wheel or another tape measure to measure perpendicular to the tape to place the obstacle. The baseline method gets you the center of the obstacles (and the ends of

Jump Bar Cavaletti

Jump Bar Cavaletti Go to Source I'm working on dog conditioning exercises from Daisy Peel's 2018 Agility Challenge and one of this month's exercises uses cavaletti. You can buy pre-made cavaletti which adjust to different heights or use a bar with any kind of support you can dream up. I had been using regular jumps/bars but was resetting a lot of bars as your dog's start out or got excited trying to race over them. An unexpected thing about using jumps: Snap! decided the jump uprights looked just like weave poles for his first attempt! It occurred to me that I have a LOT of extra