Putin’s Plan for America

Putin’s Plan for America
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In 2016 Putin and Russia launched a massive assault on America using social media platforms, like Facebook.

If we ever return to normal (and we haven’t been turned into a white supremacist dictatorship) the efficacy of changing political fortunes using social media will require a very thoughtful study.

One thing is certain, every Trump supporter plugged into social media spent 2016 sharing dozens, if not hundreds, of propaganda posts that were authored by hacker agents in the Ukraine, and Romania, and Moscow. Putin had an army of propagandists turning out stuff that was gleefully accepted by Trump Nation… no matter how lame and ridiculous and incendiary.

What Putin wants for America, is for us to collapse, to suffer, to die. He wants us to hate on each other, to be divided and suspicious. He must really be pleased with himself.

But now, his new attack on us is dangerous, and is likely to kill quite a few Americans. Putin’s propagandists have seized on the Conronavirus pandemic and are keen to politicize it, to make it an “us vs them” proposition.

I want to share some of the constant torrent of new propaganda that comes across my computer. This stuff is really dangerous.

The idea that COVID19 is a hoax… and just a flu is only rational to the kind of individuals without much intellectual curiosity (don’t like science, history, reading). You guessed it… this is the kind of stuff that would appeal to Donald Trump.

A Federal supported program to vote by mail will likely save tens of thousands of lives in the year of the pandemic. People who are opposed to vote by mail will spout the argument that voting by mail makes our election subject to fraud and abuse; though there are no facts to support such a stupid idea.



Like a lot of propaganda for stupid people, we should respond as though we are explaining to a 10-year-old. The best way to prevent infection is to avoid being exposed. COVID-19 spreads from person to person, and can be spread by those who are infected but don’t display symptoms. A mask does NOT completely protect the wearer; nor does it completely protect people around the wearer. It’s a matter of simple mitigation, reducing the severity of risk.


Aside from the fact that the death-rate from COVID19 is 200 times higher than this piece of propaganda purports, I’m fascinated by the introduction of a plot stemming from “Political CORRUPTION”. I believe Putin has fooled about a million Americans with this piece of shit. I’d almost admire his brilliant gambit… if he weren’t trying to kill us.


Just to show what we are up against, in the list are the World Health Organization, the Center for Disease Control… two very important sources for science that will give us guidance to survive the pandemic. And Dr. Faucci is a very capable scientist who served for three decades on the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, before joining Trumps Coronavirus Task Force. But this administration is bothered and petulant about the intrusion of science into Donald Trumps make-believe world.

And, I’m fascinated with Bill Gates being on this list. How was he thrust into the middle of conspiracy theory? Over 40% of Republicans wrongly believe Bill Gates will use COVID-19 vaccines to implant microchips in them.


Back in 2015 Bill Gates suggested “The next outbreak? We’re not ready.” And today Bill and Melinda Gates are actively involved in support and sponsorship for research to find a vaccine.


I’m a life-long Democrat. I believe that we have a right to affordable health care; and I believe that when we work, we should earn a living wage. I suppose I’m socially moderate and fiscally conservative. There’s a lot of HATE for Democrats out there on Trumpers social media. After all, wasn’t that Putin’s objective? To FOOL America? To make us HATE and DISTRUST?

Looks like it’s working. Eh?

My question then, if I am the one who’ll be joining the enemy, then why are YOU the one doing the enemy’s work?

[I apologize. Since Republicans don’t read, the only ones who’ll make it down this far in this writing are Democrats. I did not mean to say that YOU are Putin’s fool.]


Ukrainian hackers used quizzes to access private Facebook data




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