Science Fiction Script Scenario

Science Fiction Script Scenario
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There is a fifth dimension beyond that which is known to man. It is a dimension as vast as space and as timeless as infinity. It is the middle ground between light and shadow, between science and superstition, and it lies between the pit of man’s fears, and the summit of his knowledge. This is the dimension of imagination. It is an area which we call … The Twilight Zone. ~ Rod Serling

Have you ever though that it might be kind of fun to write a science fiction story at the same time you are living it? An unreal science fiction is what our world feels like these days. We live in a world beyond the outer limits of imagination.

I need some help with the script. Right now, the script is little more than a timeline. It needs character and plot.

Send your writing to me. We’ll do this together (  What else do you have to do… after all? This document has been and will be updated as we go along.


Character Plotting

The Barnaby Hospital Psychiatric Support Center (St Louis) ~ Amid considerable sickness and death in the facility; They have been locked up together, forced interaction. They already had every altered perception of reality you can conceive of, or were suicidal, and that’s *before* the pandemic. Until the hospital is abandoned by staff (who were state employees). Where’s nurse Ratchet when your really need her?

The Ghunters ~ A small group of fired and “deep state” national security career professionals teamed up with some rogue hackers; working to secretly recruit similarly dissatisfied scientists, military, transportation etc and building a resistance. An underground with brains. Diverse geography, St Louis (where Fed scientists were forced to move); Denver and DC metro area).

The Michigan Patriot Militia ~ an organized but unregulated vigilante organization confront the National Guard surrounding the Michigan State capitol building.  The MPM made an impressive show of armed force. While the encounter was intense and dangerous, the Militia withdrew without incident. The Governor made an impassioned plea for restraint and understanding.

The Harmar Hill Committee ~ near Marietta, Ohio has organized for gardening, animal husbandry and food distribution, medical services, policing and neighborhood watch, technology, and armed conflict. The Committee has a careful plan to control access to a predefined region, called the “676,” between Watertown and Lane’s Farm.



Tuesday June 9

The opening of businesses and public facilities in a dozen states has been a considerable disaster. New COVID-19 cases are spiraling to unprecedented numbers throughout Americas heartland. The capabilities of rural health facilities have been overwhelmed. States and municipalities have exhausted their rainy-day funds and are in desperate need for Federal assistance.

The disposition of the bodies of victims of the COVID-19 virus has become an urgent problem.

A Florida man has been arrested for burning nearly 100 bodies in a bon-fire. President Bonespur decried the arrest in an interview on Faux News, calling the man’s action to be heroic and resourceful, while calling the arresting-officers scum.


Friday June 19

The House of Representatives has passed new legislation to protect American homeowners from mortgage defaults and to protect renters from eviction.  Moscow Mitch refused to allow the bill on the Senate floor, consequently killing the bill and denying any protection to home-owners and renters.


Monday June 22

World-wide the pandemic had done great damage to the production of food and other essential products. Grocery stores empty shelves are more and more a feature. Coffee has become a product for rich people only and does not appear on store-shelves. Meat of any kind, eggs and milk are in limited supply and are priced as much as 10 times what they were priced 90 days earlier. This is an especially grim development for families out of work for three months and crushed with unpaid bills and faced with eviction.


Friday July 3

Governors in New York, Illinois, Colorado, and Michigan address the nation in a joint statement, pleading for immediate aid from the U.S. Government. Joining a dozen other states, these governors announce the firing of all public employees including public education, emergency services, and public health employees. President Bonespur goes on a tweet tirade blaming these governors for their mishandling of the pandemic and promises not to bankrupt the country for a Blue State bail out.


Friday July 10

The Supreme Court strikes down the Affordable Health Care Act in a 5 to 4 vote. The Bonespur administration celebrates a long-desired victory. This ruling effectively ends healthcare coverage for 30 million Americans at the height of an out-of-control health epidemic.

30 million Americans have tested positive for COVID-19; a bitter coincidence of numbers given the Supreme Court set-back to American heath care.

The American death toll is now at 248,000. President Bonespur signs an Executive Order denying access to CDC datasets related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Subsequently reporting of real numbers will largely be “best guess”; and the Federal government intends to retaliate against any such reporting.


Friday July 17

Home invasions, hate crimes, insurgencies by unregulated militias are on an alarming rise across the country.  President Bonespur signs an Executive Order suspending habeas corpus and ordered the mobilization of the U.S. military within the continental United States. The President’s directive to the military appears haphazard and nearly random. The Speaker of the House accused the President of violating the Posse Comitatus Act.

The mobilization of armed forces has been apparently aimed primarily at so-called “Blue” States.


Saturday October, 31

All Hallows Eve … Russia having been invited to again attack our elections by President Bonespur and in the wake of Moscow Mitch killing in the Senate any bills passed by the House to protect American elections from Russian meddling… Putin takes it to a new level; launching a cyber attack that shuts down the electric grid. America is in the dark.


Monday November 2

Armed vigilante militias are on the move in Ohio, Michigan and Pennsylvania. We have this news from “ham” amateur radio operators, as the internet is basically non-existent. These groups roam unmolested by the U.S. military. In Michigan we have minority populations.

President Bonespur has declared Martial Law and has postponed the Presidential Election indefinitely.



Bud Houston ~ Cinnie Jones ~ Susan Fraser


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