Offset Box Drills

Offset Box Drills Go to Source As training with Mooz is progressing into more jumping and sequencing, all of my dogs are benefiting from revisiting some of my favorite drills. This particular one I want to share because I believe it is extremely versatile and will help most every team, regardless of experience or skill level. I call this drill the Offset Box.   We have all seen box drills where there are 4 jumps, one along each side to make up a box, right?  Well this drill is the same flavor, but with the jumps more on the corners.  Here is an example: A good distance to start with is about 15 feet from the center of the jump the the wing of the jump

Reflecting, Not Dwelling.

Reflecting, Not Dwelling. Go to Source Solei.  Where to even begin?  She has been the light of my existence the last 6 years.  There are only a handful of days where she has not been by my side and it would take hours to calculate the miles we have traveled together over this planet. She is a sweet, wise, old soul and has convinced me to believe that there really is such a thing as a “heart” dog. I have been reflecting on our Cynosport experience and the second time Solei and I were oh-so close to winning a major national title.  With the scare of her being injured on Saturday, I am thankful we got the green light to run on Sunday (Thanks David and

Ladder Drill Games

Ladder Drill Games Go to Source With the viral spread of the so-called “Holmberg Double” course challenge, I decided to share this training drill that I have used at the end of many of my seminars the last few years.  Not only are they fun challenges, they really test many different skills that we worked on over the course of the seminar.     The original blog post on this exercise can be viewed at: Here is the set-up: Drill options: *Note* This is NOT a jump grid.  The jumps are never to be taken in flow as it is not safe/fair to ask it of the dogs. Start at either tunnel, then take a jump on way to the other tunnel. 4 passes, take each jump

La Territoriale de Lorraine se plie en quatre pour former les moniteurs d’éducation canine

La Territoriale de Lorraine se plie en quatre pour former les moniteurs d’éducation canine Go to Source En septembre 2018, deux sessions de formation ont eu lieu en simultané pendant le week end du 8 et 9 septembre, regroupant au total 39 stagiaires motivés, venant des départements avoisinants et bien sûr de Lorraine. Les attentes en matière…Lire la suite La Territoriale de Lorraine se plie en quatre pour former les moniteurs d’éducation canine › Go to Source Author: David (gt-internet) {authorlink}

NDAL Introduces the 54×70 Charitable

NDAL Introduces the 54×70 Charitable Go to Source This is a cross-posted blog. When I write the official blog for the NDAL I’ll take out this giddy front-matter. I want the followers of my blog to understand how excited I am to be involved in establishing a league that raises funds for charitable donation. Last year we donated league income to hurricane Harvey relief and then along came Maria; and this year we have Florence. All of them have been terrible. And of course I worry after the dogs (and wildlife, frankly) that fall victim to these disasters; and want to support first responder organizations. We live in wicked times and the world is paying for the consequence of global warming. For the most

Sélectifs agility 2019

Sélectifs agility 2019 Go to Source Bonjour à tous (tes), Pour l’élaboration de vos futurs calendriers 2019, merci de noter les dates butoirs pour l’ensemble des sélectifs 2019 d’agility : 4-5 mai 2019 pour les Sélectifs Championnats de France (Finale Championnat de France d’agility les 8-9 juin…Lire la suite Sélectifs agility 2019 › Go to Source Author: David (gt-internet) {authorlink}

Backyard Dogs Practice Sequences – 2018 March

Backyard Dogs Practice Sequences - 2018 March Go to Source This is an expanded version of my Backyard Dogs article originally published in the March 2018 issue of CleanRun. For my first Backyard Dogs article I created sequences to work on a range of skills and the transitions between them. These sequences progress from classic pin wheels and serpentines to more challenging sequences with serpentines [SerpentineHandling, Serpentine], jump wraps [360JumpWrapHandling, JumpWrapNotes, JumpWrap, JumpWrapHandling], back sides [ThreadleBackSides, QuadBackSide, BackSideOneJumpHandling, BackSide], and threadles [ThreadleBackSides, ThreadleHandling, MEBThreadleHandling, SingleSidedThreadleHandling, Threadle]. Here is the equipment layout in a 40 ft x 50 ft space If you don't have a 15 foot tunnel you could replace it with a jump or a set of 6 weave poles to work some very

Le petit règlement en images version 2018

Le petit règlement en images version 2018 Go to Source Communiqué du GTA Vous l’attendiez tous, voici le petit règlement en images, mis en conformité avec les modifications 2018. Un grand merci à Frédo DURAND épaulé de David POWELL, ainsi bien sûr qu’à Fabrice PELIX, dont les illustrations font de…Lire la suite Le petit règlement en images version 2018 › Go to Source Author: David (gt-internet) {authorlink}

The Agility Community

The Agility Community Go to Source Today we’re preparing to host the 2018 Petit Prix, which is the national championship event of the Teacup Dogs Agility Association. This is my favorite agility competition each year, by far. The Petit Prix is never really a huge event numbers-wise. Taken on balance it’s about the size of your average neighborhood agility trial, and certainly nowhere near the maddeningly huge national events hosted by the big agility organizations in America. We’re past the closing date, and I have nothing to sell. But, I have something to say that has been gnawing at me for a time. Pioneers and Champions Participation in dog agility isn’t really growing in this country. Indeed, it is modestly shrinking just about everywhere. It’s all