You Screwed Up

You Screwed Up

Sometimes we make mistakes, loose our tempers, and regret how we or someone else has treated our dogs.
Well know trainer Denise Fenzi has written a wonderful blog post
You Screwed up. Big Time that
is a must read! Go ahead and read it!

I have an old and worn T-shirt I wear when training and trialing and I think it goes along with Denise’s message:

I’ll admit I’ve done things as a dog owner that I’m not proud of,
but I’d like to think I’m always trying to move forward to be the kind of trainer
I want to be and that my dogs deserve. We make mistakes, the best we can do is
to not repeat them and to also let ourselves “off the hook” so we can move forward.

Thanks for the great article Denise!

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Author: Steve Schwarz