Four New Box Jump Layouts!

Four New Box Jump Layouts!

I’ve added new Box layouts for working on a wide range of skills including: Serpentines, Threadles, Jump Wraps, and Back Sides. There are a pair of each of two layouts I’m calling “Arcs” and “Offset Serpentines”. As usual, adjust the distance between the jumps to provide a safe and challenging sequence for your team mate.

I got the idea for the “Offset Serpentine” three jump layout from an AKC Premier Standard course by judge Tim Pinneri. It is interesting because it has a lot of handling options:

The “Arcs” layouts allow for working an arc of jumps and a lot of Threadles, Back Sides, and pulling between obstacles:

I’ve updated all 3,900 box sequences to contain these four layouts and if you Create Your Own Box Sequence it will also have these layouts. I hope you try them out!

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