Contact Equipment Safety in Photos

Contact Equipment Safety in Photos

Updated: 2017-Apr-4

I’m always concerned about our dog’s safety on course and I’m collecting
photos of dog agility contact equipment and highlighting unsafe situations of which folks might be unaware.
If you have photos to help us be safer please share them with me and I’ll update this article and credit you for your contribution!

Sharp Hinge Pin Retaining Clips

A rotated hinge pin can put it’s cotter pin/retaining clip in a position where a dog could snag their foot on it as they cross the obstacle.

Rotated Dog Walk Cotter Pin

Depending on the diameter of the hinge rod hole you might be able to find “O-Ring” style cotter pins/retaining clips that fit.
FWIW I’ve never seen a hinge rod come out with the weight of a Dog Walk plank on it so it is likely these pins aren’t necessary.

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Author: Steve Schwarz