2017 Feb Wisconsin Agility Cup: Courses and Video

2017 Feb Wisconsin Agility Cup: Courses and Video

This past weekend Flyer, Snap! and I got up at “o-dark-thirty” in the morning to drive the two and a half hours to Canine Sports Zone in Middleton, WI to compete in the first Wisconsin Agility Cup and we had a blast!

The Wisconsin Cup is one of a number of agility competitions being held around the US featuring courses designed by FCI judges and competitors in an effort to expose teams to the flow and challenges of the courses competitors face when competing overseas. This
event featured courses designed by Jose Luiz Filho from Brazil. They had wonderful flow with interesting handling challenges that I wish we saw more of here in the US. I contacted
Jose Luiz and he was kind enough to share his courses!

The event was expertly organized by Americas & Caribe Team USA member Claudette Mo and judged by World Team Member Shane Miller who kindly drove in from Western Illinois just to judge the event.

Here are the rules (taken from the flyer):

Refusals and faults will be called and assessed 5 points. Up contact will not be judged in A‐frame or dog walk. Handler who gains an advantage by touching her dog or an obstacle will be faulted 5 points. A dog will be eliminated if it accumulates 3 R
in the same run; goes off course; soils the arena; leaves the arena prior to completing the run; handler jumps over an obstacle or disturbs an obstacle so it cannot be negotiated correctly by dog.

  • All dogs will be entered in rounds 1-3. Teams with no E in at least one of rounds 1-3 advance to finals (round 4).
  • Round 4 running order will be the reverse order of placement of combined results of rounds 1-3.
  • SCT will be the average of the 2 fastest and least faulted runs plus 20%.
  • BIS accepted, will run in regular order, and must provide and use their own mat at the start line.

Money prizes for 1st place in rd 1-3 and 1st-3rd place in finals, in each jump height. Dogs jumping lower than their regular jump height will only be eligible for money prize for 1st place in finals, all dogs jumping lower, regardless of jump height.

Yes! Money prizes and a low entry fee of $ 35 before closing and $ 45 day of show. A bargain to run some fun courses in a competition environment!

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Author: Steve Schwarz