L’agility dog a Monterotondo a due passi da Roma, Mentana, Montelibretti, Capena, Fiano Romano, Settebagni, Passo Corese, Palombara Sabina, Castelchiodato.

Professionalità competenza cura e attenzione per il benessere del vostro cane. Agility dog per conduttori principianti, avanzati e preparazione agonistica. L’Agility dog è uno sport ma anche un divertimento, un’occasione di svago tanto per il cane quanto per l’uomo.

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- Racine Hyatt CCFt CCM
Published in a magazine in FINLAND is freakin' AWESOME

- Racine Hyatt CCFt CCM
Growth plates and muscle attachment - why puppies thrive when exercise stress is AGE APPROPRIATE...
"Immature, developing bodies cannot endure excessive amounts of exercise stress without suffering longterm, negative consequences"...
- Racine Hyatt CCFt CCM
The #1 and #2 common injury factors for puppies - it's not just about hips and elbows
#1: GROWTH Your puppy's skeleton is made up of 320+ bones (+1 for the boys) and some bones have as many as five (5) growth plates. The...
- Racine Hyatt CCFt CCM
"Muscle Memory": Spoiler Alert - it's all in your dog's head! What it ISN'T (m
Muscle cells do not have the ability to remember ~ only brain cells do The muscle anatomy of a dog consists of both involuntary (those...
- Racine Hyatt CCFt CCM
PUPPIES!! Is your "Don't Do:" column longer than the "What / When to DO:" co
...that will have enhanced learning capabilities, body awareness, self-control, the confidence necessary to cope better with...
- Valérie Ricard
Ci-joint le compte-rendu de la réunion CNEAC du 17 mars 2022. Ce document est provisoire, en attente de la validation par le comité de la SCC :
- Valérie Ricard
Veuillez trouver ci-joint le tableau des allocations CNEAC pour 2022 :
- Valérie Ricard
Ce week-end, très rapidement après le dernier sélectif et la validation par la CNEAC, a eu lieu le premier rassemblement 2022 qui a sonné le passage d’une somme d’individus sélectionnés à une Équipe de FRANCE 2022 avec comme objectif de porter haut les couleurs de la France pour les Championnats du Monde qui auront lieu […]
- Valérie Ricard
Trois  Clubs Bourbonnais  s’étaient associés pour organiser les 3 modules  de Moniteur en Éducation canine 2e.  (12 et 13 mars 22 / 2 et 3 avril / 30 avril et 1er mai) Un grand merci aux 3 présidents pour leur implication et leur solidarité dans cette organisation. Mr Patrick Foulon ( CEC du Val d […]
- Valérie Ricard
Une nouvelle promo de 22 moniteurs canin à Arnas….Le week-end des 3 avril et 1er mai a été la consécration de 22 nouveaux moniteurs de la Rhône Alpes . 22 fleurons de l’éducation positive vont aller enseigner, dans leurs clubs, les bienfaits de cette éducation ainsi que de l’école du Chiot. Un immense merci à […]
- Helge Himle
Danish championship, 31.08.19 – 01.09.19
- Helge Himle
14.07.19 -16.07.19 – Fionia Cup, Denmark
- Helge Himle
08.06.19 – 09.06.19 – Ribe, Denmark
Improved Cone Numbers!

I've improved the Cone Number Creation Page with a smaller size option 2" x 2 5/8" that fits on Avery #6572 label sheets or Avery #6578 water repellent label sheets. These self stick labels are a little smaller than the 3" x 3" labels and fit on low profile/flat cones:

Image showing a 2 inch tall number on a 7 in tall cone.

2 inch number on a 7 in cone

Image showing a 2 inch tall number on a flat cone.

2 inch number on a "flat" cone

I've tested them out on my laser printer and the numbers line up nicely on the labels!

So if you want to DIY your own cones, want to number courses up to 50 obstacles, or need lettered/combination numbers you can Create Your Own Cone Numbers!

Self Stick Wall Coordinate Numbers!

I've changed the layout of the Wall Coordinate numbers PDFs to work with Avery #8126 5 1/2" x 8 1/2" shipping labels. Just use the Wall Coordinate Number page to create and download your numbers as PDFs. Then print them right on the Avery self stick labels:

Image of two wall numbers showing one half page sticker being peeled up

This means it's even easier to put up multiple sets of numbers on the walls of your facility! A little time with a tape measure and you're ready to setup any course diagram regardless of English or Metric coordinates or where the designer put the zero/zero location!

Custom Agility Cone Numbers

Want your own numbered cones at home or for your training place? Want to run courses up to 50 obstacles long? Would you like different colored numbers? Or do you need to number combination obstacles with 'A', 'B', 'C' or even 'D'? Well now you can!

I've just added a new feature to the website to create big, easy to read, multi-color number sets you can download, print or plain paper, cut out and tape or glue onto your cones. You can also print the numbers right on self-stick labels!

The page generates a PDF containing numbers 1-50 and combo numbers 1A, 1B, 1C, 1D to 8A, 8B, 8C, 8D. Here are some example pages in different foreground and background colors:

example cone numbers

Here's how the 3" x 3" numbers look on 9" tall and 7" tall cones:

Image showing a 3 inch tall number on a 9 in tall cone.

3 inch number on a 9 in cone

Image showing a 3 inch tall number on a 7 in tall cone.

3 inch number on a 7 in cone

So go to the Cone Numbers page, pick your colors and download your own set(s) of numbers! Give it a try!

Beautiful Coordinate Numbers for Your Agility Ring

Whether you call them "numbers", "coordinates", "wall numbers", "grid numbers", "yard lines", or something else, having coordinates posted makes setting up courses easier.

I've just added a new feature to the website to create big, easy to read, multi-color number sets you can download, print and put up in your facility.

black numbers on a white background white numbers on a red background bold numbers on a blue background

If you print out numbers in multiple colors you can put up one set of numbers for when course maps have the zero location in a corner, another set for when maps have the zero in the middle, and another pair of sets in meters for setting up those international courses.

Example of three sets of course numbers posted on a wall

How do you do it? Just click the "Numbers" page link and fill out the form. To support measurements in feet and in meters you can specify the interval between the numbers as 2, 3, 5, or 10. Pick any combination of text and background colors. Then click the Generate PDF button and two PDFs are created giving you numbers from -120 to 0 and from 0 to 120. Then all you need to do is print out the ranges of numbers you'll need.

I'd love to hear your feedback!

I might be making a page to generate another set of numbers used in agility soon...

You Can Have "More Like This"!

If you've browsed most courses on the site I hope you've seen the blue "See n Similar Courses" button:

Clicking on it shows you a page full of sequences that start the same as the current course. Which is great for training! You can use the same jump set up and you have a page full of sequences to practice longer and/or harder sequences that build on one another.

More Like This

After I added four new box jump layouts it occurred to me that you might want a page of similar sequences for that layout. So I added the More Like This button to the title of each "Box" layout:

So if you click the button in the "Arc Left" title you'll see all the sequences starting out the same using the Arc Left layout!

Not only do you have a fast way to see all the similar traditional box sequences, now you can see the similar sequences for all 18 non-traditional box sequences! I hope this gives you even more ways to spice up your training!  See it in action!

- Bud Houston
Jokers Notebook ~ Module #40
This is the 40th and final training module of the Jokers Training. In this module we will talk about ongoing training methods to master the foundation skills introduced in this series. If you started the program with a young pup by this point you are working with a keen agility partner completely comfortable with the […]
- Bud Houston
Protected: Jokers Notebook ~ Module #39
There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.
- Bud Houston
Protected: Jokers Notebook ~ Module #38
There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.
- Bud Houston
Protected: Jokers Notebook ~ Module #37
There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.
- Bud Houston
Protected: Jokers Notebook ~ Module #36
There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.
- allstaragility
Dear Solei 2019
Dear Solei, I blinked and 9 years have gone by in an instant, so it seems.  9 amazing years with you being an extension of my consciousness, souls working in harmony and dancing through the courses as one.  Now our time running in the ring together is coming to a close. Livers are stupid things […]
- allstaragility
Make those Posts Disappear!
Having a facility with 3 posts in our arena, we realize that this can be a bit daunting for course designers.  The main thing to remember is that these supports should disappear and not be an influencing factor in handler or dog performance.  Here are a few things I have learned in my years designing […]
- allstaragility
An Open Letter to My Students
To My Agility Students: At the risk of sounding mushy, I will just say it:  I want to help each of you succeed with all of my heart and every fiber of my being.  However you define success with your dog, I want that for you.   I share in the excitement a new puppy brings, your pain […]
- allstaragility
Offset Box Drills
As training with Mooz is progressing into more jumping and sequencing, all of my dogs are benefiting from revisiting some of my favorite drills. This particular one I want to share because I believe it is extremely versatile and will help most every team, regardless of experience or skill level. I call this drill the Offset Box. […]
- allstaragility
Reflecting, Not Dwelling.
Solei.  Where to even begin?  She has been the light of my existence the last 6 years.  There are only a handful of days where she has not been by my side and it would take hours to calculate the miles we have traveled together over this planet. She is a sweet, wise, old soul and […]

Communiqué Coachs agility mai 2022
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Ce week-end, très rapidement après le dernier sélectif et la validation par ...
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Sélectif EO AWC n°3 2022 – Les podiums (photos)
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Author: Laurane (gt-internet) {authorlink} ...
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Communiqué du GTA : Equipes de France Agility EO et AWC 2022
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La sélection de l’Équipe de ...
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Communiqué du GTA du mercredi 11 mai 2022 : Divers Agility
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Suite à les réunion CNEAC du ...
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David J’ai eu de la peau hier – je jugeais à Pau ! Météo fraiche mais ensoleillée + bénévoles souriants ...
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Marko Tämän päivän radat Sipoossa. Paljon huikeita suorituksia! Kiitos talkoilijat ja kilpailijat! 23.25 palkinnot on jaettu.. 😂 More info @ ...
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David Que dire de plus de ce superbe week-end à Yvre-l’Évêque pour le dernier sélectif équipes de France EO-AWC ? ...
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Lee Leaving Wisconsin this morning after two thoroughly enjoyable days judging UK Agility International Midwest Cup alongside fellow judge Anthony ...
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